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Sui Dynasty gilt-bronze altarpiece of Buddha Maitreya with seven Buddha on lotus blossom thrones.  Gianguan Auctions, March, 2018.

Chinese Buddhist Devotional Art Leads Gianguan Auctions March Sale

Released: January 10, 2018

Gianguan Auctions will hold its 16th annual spring sale on Saturday, March 10. Marquee properties include a rare Sui Dynasty Buddhist altarpiece, a Northern Qi Buddhist stele and  a Western Wei Shrine From the unifying Sui period comes a gilt-bronze altarpiece of Buddha Maitreya that suggests the Seven Buddhas on the Great Tower of Asoka. Of exceptional definition, the Maitreya is seated in dhyanasana with hands positioned in karanamudra. A robe of diagonal folds exposes the left shoulder. Flanked by two Bodhisattvas, the flame shaped aureole and lotus throne rest on a two-tiered openwo...

Lot 252.  Gianguan Auctions, June 10.

纽约贞观六月拍卖盛典 早期文化佛教艺术品,玉雕石器,历代书画,紫砂壶

Released: May 22, 2017

纽约贞观六月拍卖盛典 早期文化佛教艺术品,玉雕石器,历代书画,紫砂壶  六月十号,贞观国际拍卖公司夏季拍卖盛典将在纽约揭开帷幕,推出一系列极具特色的稀有古董和一些点缀小收藏品,包括早期佛教艺术品、古字画,以及日常可以用到的手工作品---紫砂壶、印章、玉件、古瓷器等,也为收藏家们提供了探索古文化的线索和引导。 “荷塘翠鸟”Lot 80,为八大山人朱耷的佳作,以泼墨大写意绘荷叶,并配以一特大盛开的荷花,右边以简单的线条数笔画一山石,上有菊花数朵,枝叶茂盛。前岸边绘一荷茎,上有翠鸟即钓鱼翁是也,此鸟咀长,似乎静静地等待鱼儿的出现。此画泼墨浓淡相宜,气势磅礴运笔潇洒,并得自然温柔与雅静神韵之美。右侧书八大山人画,笔势苍劲有力,下钤八大山人印。此画为八大山人存世难得之精作,并有签名,钤印一枚,预计拍价$1,500,000。   拍卖当天另一个价值百万的拍品为Lot 120,汉代的羊脂白玉浮雕十八螭龙圆口大罐,无论从尺寸、玉质、还是工艺精湛性方面,此罐都无与伦比。罐口圆,无颈有圆环肩,肩下罐体上浮雕十八条生动游走似的螭龙,气势磅礴,琢磨工艺精湛。近足处围以莲瓣纹带,其上绕以迴纹,底平。此罐羊脂白玉精美绝伦,羊脂油润天然,美不胜收。罐高约28厘米,重约9.3千克,极为稀有。    佛教在汉代一度盛行,因此那个时期的艺术家创作了很多关于佛教文化的雕像、牌匾以及一些用来朝...

"Loquat" by HH Dorje Chang Buddha III realized $10,200,000 at Gianguan Auctions New York on September 12, 2015

$10,200,000 HH Dorje Chang Buddha III Painting Breaks Record

Released: October 13, 2015

On Sept 12, 2015 at Gianguan Auctions New York, Loquat, an ink painting by HH Dorje Chang Buddha III, sold for $10,200,000, setting a world record price of $1.7M per square foot. It is the highest price by dimension ever paid for a Chinese painting at auction. The news, which comes amidst concerns about the strength of the Chinese art market in the current period of correction, has been covered by more than 300 media outlets across the globe.  Loquat is exceptional because HH Dorje Chang Buddha III treated the ink as if it were as precious as gold. There are no b...

Lot 253, a tall statue of Guanyin of starched linen, hollow in the center where moulded clay was extracted.  $8,000-$15,000.

Gianguan Auctions Fall Asia Week Sale is Strong on Chinese Porcelains, Carved Jades, Buddhist Art

Released: August 27, 2015

Fall Asia Week in New York will bring to the fore the impact that Buddism, mythical beasts and floral symbols have had on Chinese artisans through the ages. Nowhere will this be more apparent than in the Decorative Arts session of Gianguan Auctions' sale on Saturday, September 12. The highlights begin with a rare piece of Buddhist art. It is Lot 253, a painted clay-coated linen figure of Guanyin draped in robes. The statue has a rich-red lacquer finish.  It is defined as “bodiless” because all that remains of the original clay mould is lacquer coated linen....

"The Steed and Groom" by Zhao Mengfu, Yuan Dynasty.  Signed Zhao Mengfu, with one artist seal and sixteen Collectors’ seals.  Lot 105.  $10,000,000 - $15,000,000

Chinese Symbolism Infuses Gianguan Auctions’ September 12th Sale

Released: August 27, 2015

The splendor of China’s heritage is once again the focus of the exceptionally strong collections of classical and modern paintings and dynastic works of art set for auction on September 12 at Gianguan Auctions New York. The symbolism that underlies every facet of Chinese culture and Buddhist art is front and center. The elevation of scholarship is apparent in the craftsmanship displayed in items as varied as classical and modern paintings,  carved jades, antique ceramics, and jewelry and teapots.  A collection of multi-million dollar scroll paintings underscores the leadership...

Eagles, a mid-20th century work by Pan Tianshou (1897-1971).

New Book Highlights 13 Years of Chinese Paintings at Gianguan Auction

Released: June 4, 2015

Gianguan Auctions New York announces the publication of “Chronicle of Gianguan:Thirteen Years of Master Paintings and Calligraphy,“ a curated retrospective of important Chinese paintings that have crossed the gallery’s podium. It offers readers a visual history of Chinese ink as it evolved from the Tang Dynasty (618-907) to the contemporary. While flying mostly under the radar of Western and Asian collectors, Gianguan Auctions, under the direction of Kwong Lum, has made a name with museum curators and Chinese collectors. Prices realized reflect the quality of works. Recently, “Ink ...

Lot 282, the Northern Song Emperor Huizong’s Heavenly Daoshan Duan inkstone.

Emperor's Inkstand Could Bring $1.5M at Gianguan Auctions June 13 Sale

Released: June 1, 2015

Gianguan Auctions, New York’s only Chinese-American owned auction house is saving the best for last in its June 13th auction. After the parade of classical Chinese scroll paintings, antique cloisonné and Buddhist art, bidders will vie for Lot 282, the Northern Song Emperor Huizong’s Heavenly Daoshan Duan ink stone. It is expected to fetch as much as $1.5M.  Of a deep purple-brown the Emperor’s Heavenly Dooshan Duan stone is rectangular and carved with a pavilion named Heavenly Daoshan. The vertical sides are carved with inscriptions while the underside relief is a to...

"Ink Lotus" by Dorje Chang Buddha III broke the auction record for the artist in a sale at Gianguan Auctions on Sunday, March 22nd, 2015.

$16.5 M for H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha Painting Breaks Record

Released: March 23, 2015

A contemporary Chinese scroll painting by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, the highest ranking Buddhist leader, soared to a hammer price of $16,500,000 at Gianguan Auctions New York, breaking the artist’s auction record. The action took place on Sunday, March 22nd during a sale that also featured traditional Buddhist art and splendors of the Qing Dynasty. “Lot 109, titled “Ink Lotus,” is a vigorous ink-and-color on paper that, at first glance, seems an abstract work created by a blast of wind that has swept up the scroll and left behind sublime trails of black ink overru...

Massive archaic Chinese bronze statue of man on horseback.  Eastern Han Dynasty.

China Institute Hosts Talk on Archaic Bronzes at Gianguan Auctions Gallery

Released: March 9, 2015

Asia Week lectures kick off on Saturday, March 14th at 2:00 p.m. when China Institute hosts a discussion on the Sai Yang Tang Collection of archaic Chinese bronzes on view at Gianguan Auctions New York. The bi-lingual lecture will be held in Gianguan Auctions’ Art Gallery, 295 Madison Avenue, where visitors will have the opportunity to examine the bronzes as they are discussed.  Presenter Kwong Lum, Chinese scholar, artist, and collector, will reveal the fascinating history of the bronzes. Among the ancient objects are swords decorated with jade, silver and gold, spe...

Archaic Chinese ritual bronze wine vessel with four ram heads.  Of the Shang Dynasty.

Archaic Chinese Bronzes On View At Gianguan Auctions Art Gallery

Released: March 8, 2015

An exhibition of more than 100 ritual bronzes from China's Great Bronze Age are on view now through March 14th at the Art Gallery at Gianguan Auctions New York  The collection is on loan from the Sai Yang Tang Collection of Kwong Lum.  Mr. Lum is a businessman, scholar and artist. Mr. Lum started collecting Chinese art as a nine-year-old in Hong Kong under the guidance of his art teacher, Ding Yanyong, who taught him Chinese painting, calligraphy and most of all, the appraisal and collection of Chinese antiques. Thus began his Sai Yang Tang Collection. As a renowned collect...

Ink Lotus by H.H.  Dorje Chang III, with poem inscription.

Art by H.H. Dorje Chang III, Emperor Xuande, and Qianlong Emperor Lead Gianguan Auctions' Asia Week Sale

Released: March 4, 2015

When Gianguan Auctions holds its Asia Week sale on Sunday, March 22nd, it will open the day with an archetypal collection of Chinese scroll paintings. Perhaps the most media-watched work to come to the podium is a contemporary scroll painting by H. H. Dorje Chang III. Entitled Ink Lotus, it is an explosion of ink and bold color, tempered with subtleties. An inscribed poem translates, ”An utter chaos strewn with broken strokes: a peculiar sight, yet wondrously endowed with a soul-soothing charm”. With 2 artist seals, the painting has a pre-sale catalog estimate u...

13/14th C.  Tibetan gilt bronze frieze.  (Lo 260)

Buddhist Art Leads Gianguan Auctions December 7th Sale

Released: November 17, 2014

On December 7th, Gianguan Auctions New York with present a sale that will resonate with collectors of Buddhist art, as well as collectors of fine Chinese painitngs and decorative works of art. It follows closely on the heels of Gianguan Auctions' inaugural Singapore sale last month that contained more than twenty items of Buddhist art, along with secular properties and paintings. Among the highlights of the Buddhist art collection are two gleaming Tibetan gilt bronze friezes created in the 13th -14th century to honor the god Avalokiteshvara. Both are new to the market. Th...

Stallion and Attendant by Zhao Lin, Yuan Dynasty.  Ink & Color on Paper Signed Zhao Lin, with one artist seal Eight Collectors’ seals Eleven Emperors’ seals Five Colophons.  $400,000 - $500,000

Gianguan Auctions Presents Courtly and Artisanal Rarities On September 14

Released: August 25, 2014

On Sunday, September 14th, Gianguan Auctions will kick off the fall edition of New York’s Asia Week with dynamic collections of Chinese paintings, Ceramics, Carved Jades and Works of Art. The morning session of paintings is one of the strongest in recent memory, mixing works from the Song, Ming and Yuan Dynasties with a field of modern and contemporary paintings. Later in the day, decorative arts come under the hammer in what promises to be a lively session. Several of the marquee items reflect benchmarks in the evolution of Chinese history and art. For example, Lot 61, “Stallion and At...

Lot, 213 is a 35-arm Tibetan gilt bronze deity in the form of Vajrabhairava Yamantaka with Consort.  The multiple arms used for fighting off cosmic forces are comprised of moveable parts.  It is of the Qing Dynasty, 9 1/2 inches tall.

Gianguan Auctions Offers Chinese Ceramics, Decorative Art & Luxury Brand Wristwatches At June Sale.

Released: May 19, 2014

The Gianguan Aucitons New York sale of antiques and decorative art slated for June 8th reflects the recent interest in exhibitons at the Metropolitan and Rubin Museums of Art in New York City,  the Nelson-Atkins Museum in Kansas City and the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. The works of art range from Chinese ceramics and Tibetan deities to luxury brand wristwatches and diamond jewelry. The marquee item of the day is Lot 213, is a large gilt bronze figure of Vajrabhairava Yamantaka with Consort, one of eight Tibetan Buddhist protectors. Known as  Manjshuri, the God of Wisdom...

A pair of Qing Dynasty Famille-Rose Floral Bowls with Grasshoppers amidst blossoms on one and pea pods on the other.  Each is inscribed with a poem.  Lot 190.  $1,000,000-$1,500,000.

Gianguan Auctions To Offer $1M Pair of Grasshopper Dishes at Spring Asia Week Auction

Released: February 21, 2014

When the afternoon session opens at Gianguan Auctions annual spring sale during Asia Week on March 16th, international buyers will vie for excellect collections of Chinese Ceramics and Objects of Beauty that include porcelains, fine carvings and scholar objects.  The session begins at 2:00 p.m. and takes place at Gianguan Auctions gallery, 295 Madison Avenue, NY. The day’s marquee tem is a diminutive pair of Qing Dynasty Famille-Rose Floral Bowls with Grasshoppers. Of thinly potted translucent porcelain, the bowls are enameled with a grasshopper amidst blossoms on one and pea ...

Xu Beihong
Two Cats, Ink & Color on Paper, Signed Beihong, with one artist seal, dated 1944.
$60,000 - $80,000

Gianguan Auctions' Early December Auction Is Timed for Bestowing Good Fortune During the Holidays.

Released: November 22, 2013

’Tis the season for collectors of Asian, Chinese and Korean works of art and estate jewelry to think of ways to best bestow good fortune and longevity through holiday gifts.  To meet their needs, Gianguan Auctions will offer more than 300 items in their December 8th sale in New York City.  Many of the works of art are imbued with auspicious symbols. The Asian art and collectibles span the centuries and dynasties, surfacing both high-level rarities and moderately estimated items, according to gallery director Mary Ann Lum. The day’s morning session features 76 lots of Chinese p...

Locust and Peony by Walasse Ting, dated 1971.  Hanging scroll, ink on paper.  Entitled by Walasse Ting on the top of the scroll, one artist seal.

Classical Modernist Scrolls Open Gianguan Auctions' September 15 Sale

Released: August 30, 2013

Gianguan Auctions September 15  sale in two session  kicks off at 11:00 with  seventy-five classical scroll paiintings paintings.  The highlight is Lot 15, a 1971 scroll by Chinese-American artist Walasse Ting entitled “Lotus and Peony.”  Born in Shanghai, Ting left China as a child. His career took him to Paris, New York and Amsterdam. Although informed by artistic movements of the mid-20th C., he is best known for colorful figurative paintings of nudes.   “Lotus and Peony” marks one of his rare forays into his Chinese heritage and blends classical te...

A Zisha teapot of dragon form, naturalistically fired in the shape of a tree stump cut off in four sections.

Zisha Teapots Lead Chinese Ceramics at Gianguan Auctions

Released: August 30, 2013

When Gianguan Auctions opens its doors on its Sunday, September 15 sale, collectors will be bidding on a remarkable array of properties. Among them is an unusual single-owner collection of ancestoral Zisha teapots.  Zisha teapots are among the most beloved of teapots for several reasons.  The clay itself - indigenous to Yixing in the coastal province of Jiangsu - often has a purplish cast. Chemically, its composition is such that when it is fired at temperatures as high as 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit, the clay remains porous where other types of clay would not. This unique charac...

Two character-from sancai ceramic ewers are of the Qing Dynasty.  They are expected to bring about $2,000 each.

Gianguan Auctions June Sale Offers Many Facets of Chinese Art

Released: June 19, 2013

With a slate of more than 300 items going off in two sessions on June 30th, Gianguan Auction’s Summer Sale marks the first time Internet bidders will be able to place bids direct through the Gianguan Auctions website. Two unusual Fu and Shou character-from sancai ceramic ewers of the Qing Dynasty typify the cultural rarities that highlight the Fine Chinese Paintings and Works of Art Auction. Tagged Lots 224 and 225, the unusual wine pots are of flattened form embellished with floral patterns and geometrics surrounding a center medallion depicting sages. Modestly estimated, the ewers are...

View of Kwong Lum Museum on site of botanical garden and zoo.

China Cultural Department Opens Public Museum Celebrating NYC Artist Kwong Lum

Released: February 4, 2013

The first Chinese government funded museum to honor a living Chinese American artist celebrates the contemporary art of New York based artist Kwong Lum.  Located in in the Cultural Department of Xinhui in the city of Jiangmen, Guangdong Province, the Kwong Lum Museum will feature the artist’s work and the Sai Yang Tang Collection of antiquities. It will also serve as a center for Sino-foreign cultural activities and as a research base on antiquities from the Xinhui district. The 592,015 square foot museum designed by Zhang Yu Pearl River International Architects is set to open on A...

Qi Baishi "Massive Peaches, Baishi.  Hanging scroll, ink and color pigment on paper.  Signed Qi Baishi, with two artist seals.  (Lot 17)

Gianguan Auctions Holiday Season Sale Has Affordable and Extraordinary Chinese Items

Released: November 22, 2012

Gianguan Auctions Holiday Season sale on Sunday December 9 is geared toward buyers looking for good buys at reasonable prices as well as collectors in the market for iconic paintings by internationally renowned Chinese artists Qi Baishi, Zhang Daqian and others.  Among the exemplary paintings is Qi Baishi's color ink-on-paper of "Massive Peaches," (Lot 17.) In contrasting strong bush strokes with a detailed image of a tiny dragonfly, the master is at his best. He moves in another direction with "Ducks in a Lotus-Pond," (Lot 69) where the bold monochromatic strokes produce a pair su...

Calendar on

September Asia Week Events At-A-Glance on Asia Week

Released: September 9, 2012

New York City.  With New York's Fall Asia Week kicking off on Sunday, September 9 and running through Friday, September 14, collectors and visitors will find the complete schedule of Asian art auctions, exhibitions and events on is the independent, inclusionary one-stop resource to the week's myriad events.  A daily calendar can be found on the Events page of Articles on the art and design of Asia,  museum exhibitions and items of interest are on the homepage. Suggested activities include trips to the New York C...

Mandarin Duck in Lotus Pond by Jiang Tingi, Qing Dynasty

Gianguan Auctions Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Fall Asia Week Sale September 9

Released: August 24, 2012

Gianguan Auctions of New York City celebrates its tenth anniversary on September 9 with a sale of Fine Chinese Paintings, Ceramics, Bronzes and Works of Arts. Painting highlights include Lot 24, Jiang Tingi's Qing Dynasty work, "Mandarin Duck in Lotus Pond." With two ducks below, a bird above the lotus blossoms and a poem in the upper right, the inscribed ink and color on paper is an excellent example of the romanticism and balance inherent in fine Chinese paintings.  Interestingly, the artist is known as more than a painter or scholar. He was also editor of the Gujin Tushu Jinchen...

"Three Musicians" by Fu Baishi

Kwong Lum Advises Collectors on "Period of Adjustment in Chinese Art"

Released: May 25, 2012

As Gianguan Auctions prepares for its June 10 sale, Kwong Lum, President of Gianguan Auctions, advises collectors on how to manage the changing dynamic in the Chinese art market. "This period of adjustment," he states, "should be viewed as an opportune time to buy." The advice is reflected in the realistic estimates and reliable cataloging of the fine Chinese Paintings, Ceramics, Bronzes and Works of Art in the upcoming sale. Gianguan opens its morning session with more than seventy traditional and contemporary paintings by renowned Chinese artists, whose works are in the $4,000 - $25,...

Yuan Dynasty Meiping with Figure Motifs

Chinese Ceramics & Archaic Bronzes Highlight Gianguan Auctions Asia Week Sale

Released: March 9, 2012

Chinese ceramics take center stage at the afternoon session of Gianguan Auctions' Asia Week sale on Sunday, March 18. Highlighting the proceedings is a seldom-seen Yuan Dynasty octagonal blue and white Meipng portraying six legendary Chinese figures. According to Kwong Lum, proprietor of Gianguan Auctions, the Meiping represents the exceptional artistic attainmnet of Yuan Dynasty porcelain making. Its workmanship is comparable to that of an octagonal blue-and-white Meiping with a dragon-amid-billow design unearthed in Hebei Province in 1964 and collected by China's Hebei Provincial Museu...

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