"8 Immortals" New Series by Tamen+

" 8 Immortals" New Series by Tamen+

Art+ Shanghai Gallery
191 South Suzhou Road (near Middle Sichuan Road)
Shanghai, China

Art+ Shanghai Gallery is excited to announce that the artist collective Tamen+ is coming back to the gallery with the new series of work for their solo exhibition “8 Immortals”. The exhibition invites the viewers to navigate the complexities of Tamen+’ new and multilayered pictorial reality while examining the depth of one’s own inquisitive mind.


The title of the exhibition “8 Immortals” draws inspiration from the ancient Chinese legends about the eight deities who decided to venture on the expedition to discover the submarine world and wonders that it beholds. Facing the need to withstand the troubles encountered along the way, eight immortals were forced to make use of their special powers that were once bestowed upon them. Drawing inspiration from the legend for their subject matter, Tamen+ presents new series of works raising the question of individuality, diversity and self-expression in a contemporary confused and globalized world.


Tamen+’s new works featured in this exhibition are equipped with a striking array of clever compositional devices, symbolic references and pictorial metaphors alerting our higher order of thoughts that these are not ordinary paintings telling ordinary stories. They push our mind and consciousness to go beyond the sensus literalis. At times, comprehending the hints cleverly left by the artists becomes a sole target behind a thorough artwork examination. The use of those hints not only glorifies the painting but also the heights of the human’s thoughts and consciousness.


Tamen+’s realistic portrayals of seemingly surrealistic scenarios, unexpected juxtapositions, and irrational imagery provoke a long lasting impression on the viewers. Having an extraordinary quality of capturing viewers’ attention and inspiring inner dialogues, Tamen+’s carefully engineered paintings have a way with one’s consciousness leaving the viewers feeling simultaneously ironical, erudite, silly, sophisticated, and bemused.


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